Funky Chunky Corporate Popcorn Gifts: Chocolate Gourmet Popcorn | Large Bag Snack Box

Large Bag Snack Box

Milk, Dark & White Chocolatey Drizzle | Caramel Corn | Potato Chips | Pretzel Sticks | Caramel

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Great to give as a gift! Our signature Chocolate Pretzel flavor are drenched in three kinds of chocolates, plus caramel and pecan nuts. Chip Zel Pop contains crisp potato chips, pretzel sticks and caramel corn drizzled with dark, milk and white chocolatey goodness! Contains two 5 oz bags.

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Milk, Dark & White Chocolatey Drizzle | Caramel Corn | Glazed Almonds | Glazed Cashews | Peanuts | Pretzel Sticks

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